Monday, June 20, 2011

Visual Schedule

I love having a Visual Schedule in the classroom.  I place it on our calendar board and every morning during our group meeting we go over the schedule for the day.  I place the cards up on the schedule board in front of the students so that they can watch the activity plan of the day unfold. The first column shows the morning activities and the second column shows the afternoon activities.  As we complete an activity in class, I (or a student) will turn the card over so that only the activities we have left to do are showing to the students.  A visual schedule is an amazing resource for students who need to know the routine and structure of the day and it also gives them some comfort in knowing that they can look at the calendar board anytime to see what is coming next. 


  1. I LOVE your pictures...what did you use to make them...

  2. I like your pictures you used for the schedule, where did you find them?