Saturday, June 18, 2011

Art Curtain

 I found this creative idea in the Family Fun Crafts for Kids spring issue.  All you need to create this art curtain are 12 by 12 inch 3 hole page protectors, scrapbook paper, jumbo round brads, a glue gun, and tape.  I found the page protectors in the scrapbook album area and I made sure I chose the heavy duty clear protectors.  Next, I found coordinating sheets of paper.  I decorate my classroom with lots of green so I chose these as my colors. 

 Next, I found some decorated large brads.  I placed the scrapbook paper into the the protectors and made sure that the openings all faced the top.  I connected the protectors with the brads (see photos) .  The back is a little tricky.  I hot glued the bottom row to the top (see photo below)  Then I slid some of my son's artwork into the sleeves. 

This cute display can be placed with magnets onto a chalkboard, taped to a wall, or you can attach rings to the top and thread the curtain onto a pocket chart or dowel rod.  You can also add more sleeves to make a larger curtain and use any color or decorating theme you want.  The great part about this project is it took 10-15 minutes!!!!  I am planning on using these in my classroom next year for sure!  (This curtain looks a lot cuter than it appears in the photograph.)

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