Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fabulous Fractions!

I love visual charts, especially for math.   I made this one in front of the students to show how a piece of paper could be divided into equal parts to show fractions.  I pasted a blue piece of paper to show one.  I then folded a piece of yellow paper into two parts and cut it.  We talked about how the parts were equal because the pieces were both the same size.  We continued with dividing a red paper into thirds and an orange piece into fourths.  

The students then made their own books about fractions by using the colorful visual as a reference.

The students were given a blue sheet to show one.   The students placed these in the book and wrote the numeral 1 and the word one.

The students were given a yellow piece to fold, label and place into the books.  The students cut the middle line to make the book more interactive.  The students then continue with the red and orange pages.

After this activity, the students had a clear understanding of how to divide things into equal parts.  The next day, we extended the lesson by showing other ways the paper could be divided equally into halves, thirds, and fourths.  The math visual will be on hand in our classroom to refer to as we continue our study of fractions.

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