Sunday, April 14, 2013

Five Minute Time Filler

I am sure you have experienced those times when you have five minutes until the bell rings and if you do not fill it with an activity, chaos will surely follow!  This game is prep, basically no materials, and once the students learn how to play it, it can be played over and over again.  In our classroom we use the smartboard but it can also be played on the chalkboard or a large easel.  I write a three letter word and then highlight the letter that needs to be changed.  For example, in the top photo I wrote kit and highlighted the k.  A student will need to think of a word that keeps the it ending but changes the first letter.  The student I selected responded with sit.  I then highlighted another letter in sit that needs to be changed and so on.  I hope this makes sense.  It is a great game and so easy to play.  The sad thing is the only title we could come up with for the game is the One Letter Change Game.  So that is the title we use in our classroom!