Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring? I Don't Think So!!!

Spring arrived this past week but as I write this, we are under a Winter Storm Warning.  Really?  A Winter Storm Warning at the end of March?  That is Ohio for you.  I am trying to busy myself with creating some special little surprises for my adorable first graders.  I made these cute little carrots last year and they were a hit.  All you need are some triangle plastic bags, an orange snack filler, and pretty green ribbon.  You can use any orange snack food such as Cheetos, cheese balls, Goldfish crackers, orange jelly beans, etc.  Easy, easy...25 bags were created in like fifteen minutes!

I found a great big container of Cheese Balls at Sam's Club and I was able to make exactly 25 bags from the one container and that was even after sneaking a few cheese balls for myself!

I will carry them to school in my little basket and pass them out right before Spring Break!  

I also had to share this little craft that is so cute and easy.  Trace a large egg pattern on white card stock or construction paper.  Each child will need two large eggs.  After students cut out the eggs, staple them together on the top.  Students decorate the top egg to look like an easter egg.  Cut the top egg in half, students then decorate the inside to look like a bunny.  The kids love this!  On the back of the project, the students wrote "Some Bunny Loves You" and could share it with someone at home.  I know, no educational value but great for those Ohio inside recesses right before Spring Break.  Have a great week!