Friday, July 22, 2011

Back to School Welcome Poem

I found this idea on the Sunny Days in Second Grade blog.  I will be handing these out at Open House the night before school starts.  I am not sure who thought up this poem so if anyone out there knows who did, let me know so that the creative author receives the proper credit.  I made a few tweaks to it but it goes like this:
The night before school is exciting and fun.
There are always so many things to be done.
Your clothes are ready, your backpack is too.
Your classroom is full of fun things you will do.
Many questions go through your mind,
All types of thoughts of every kind.
But sometimes we all get the jitters down deep
And that makes it so hard to fall fast asleep.
So here is some magic confetti for you,
full of promises for the whole year through.
Tonight when you lay down your head,
Sprinkle some under your pillow in bed.
The confetti will help you sleep through the night
And you will wake up in the morning fresh and bright.
I'll sprinke the confetti under my pillow, too.
Because I am so excited to meet you!
       Sweet Dreams First Grader

I placed the confetti in little baggies and placed it in a card with the poem. Thanks again to whomever created this clever poem.  First graders will love this!


  1. Awww what a cute poem! I love it! Thanks for sharing! :)