Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed Bag

 This Mother's Day idea is from the Little Giraffes website (and other awesome websites around the web).  I was thrilled with how easy this project was to complete with my first graders.  First of all, I decided to choose pink bags instead of the usual lunch bags.  I found them at Walmart (4 for a dollar).  Then the students decorated their bags with a white felt pillow, a scrapbook paper bedspread, and a circle face they colored to make look like their mom's face.  I put the poem on colored paper on the bag.  This poem was also in shown on the Little Giraffe's website.
 Breakfast in Bed
Since it is your day.
I have something to say.

Don't lift your head.
Have breakfast in bed!

Just take a look...
You don't have to cook!

I don't like to brag!
But it's breakfast in a bag!

The students then made a card to place in the bag with the apple juice box, napkin, and wrapped cinnamon roll.  The students are so excited to give these to their moms on Mother's Day and I was thrilled at how easy and cute these baggies were to make.

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