Friday, April 6, 2012

Peep Snacks

I am just loving my short Spring Break.  We only have four short days...basically a long weekend. However, we had  absolutely NO Snow Days this year so this break was very much needed!  My little guy and I had a lot of fun making these Peep Snacks.  This idea was found on Pinterest from the website and I modified it just a tad.  I melted some white chocolate, dipped some pink marshmallows, waited for the chocolate to dry, and then lined the marshmallows and peep onto a skewer.  This was so simple and kid friendly....much easier than dying eggs and my son will actually eat these.  He just won't eat the eggs!  I hope many of you are enjoying your break and all the joys of spring!

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  1. I love the peeps idea. I've grounded myself *(temporarily) from Pinterest so I missed that one.
    First Grade Delight