Thursday, April 19, 2012

Planting Sunflowers!

We planted our sunflowers earlier this week and today we started  writing our nonfiction reports on Sunflowers.  I still love using this anchor chart to organize our thoughts.  We did this whole group and came up with lots of information about Sunflowers.

Next, the students were able to fill in their own chart.  They could use the information that we brainstormed as a class or any new ideas they might have.  We call these our "notes" and the students will refer back to these "notes" throughout the week.

We made our covers next.  This way we can keep our report papers safe and organized throughout the week.  

We then drew a diagram to show the different parts of a Sunflower.  We added labels and discussed how diagrams are important in nonfiction writing because it has words and a visual.  We will continue our project tomorrow and I will keep you updated on our activities.

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  1. I love sunflowers! Where do you plant them? the kiddos take them home?

    First Grade Delight