Friday, June 10, 2011

Marshmallow Pops

 Happy Summertime!  If you need a fun, creative snack to make with kids this summer Marshmallow Pops are the snack to make.  They are easy, fast, and can be made for any special occasion (I was practicing these for the 4th of July).  First, melt some Almond Bark (Vanilla flavored) in the microwave following the package instructions.  I then placed a large Campfire marshmallow on a skinny stick (see images below) and swirled the marshmallow in the melted coating.  I then sprinkled the freshly coated marshmallow with sugars and sprinkles. Let the marshmallow stick dry on wax paper and in a few short minutes it is ready to enjoy.  You can make just a few or a whole bunch.  I placed mine in a glass jar with blue and white candies to place on the dinner table tonight.   

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