Sunday, January 22, 2012

Monkey Binders are the Best!

This Monkey Binder is the best organizational tool in my classroom.  It keeps all of us super organized (especially ME!)
Every student has one and everything that needs to be communicated between home and school is in one safe place. 

This Money and Note Pouch is the place where all money and important notes are placed.  No more lost money or searching for notes!

The students have learned that this pocket is for papers that can be taken home and left there.

This is the pocket where papers that need to be returned go.
Our Binders also keep our homework agendas too.  This tool has proven effective year after year to make life so much easier! By the way, all clipart is D.J. Inkers!  

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  1. too cute! I have something similar on my folders but it simply says "KEEP" and other side says "RETURN"...yours are much cuter ;)

    Color Me Kinder