Saturday, January 28, 2012

100's Day Fruit Loop Necklaces

We had the best time making our 100's Day necklaces this year.  To be honest, making the necklaces with excited little ones can be slightly stressful unless one is completely organized.  I have found two ideas that really help make the fun task a lot easier.  First of all, I always have the students organize 10 groups of 10 Fruit Loops to make sure they have 100 Fruit Loops.  We always use our Counting Mats to help with this.   When the students are ready to string the necklaces, I place a piece of tape on a piece of yarn and tape it to the desk so that the Fruit Loops will not fall off the other end.  I also tape the other end of the piece of yarn so the Fruit Loops will slide on easier.  After the student places one group of ten onto the yarn, they place a gummy Lifesaver to keep track of each group of ten.  The result is a colorful necklace that the kids are so proud of.  Hope everyone had a Happy 100's Day! 


  1. We will be celebrating our 100th day next Friday. Taping the end makes it soooo much easier! I love the idea of adding the lifesaver! Thanks for sharing.

    First Grade Delight

  2. I'm doing 100th day on Wednesday. Just bought my Fruit Loops. Love the idea of the counting mat and lifesavers. Thanks for sharing!

  3. My 100th day is Friday...I'm soooo excited!

    Color Me Kinder