Sunday, December 4, 2011

Easy Gift Bags for Students to Make

 If you need simple, quick gift bags for your students to make this is the idea I go back to year after year.  You just need a white bag, bow, and green and red paint.  I trace a circle on the bag in pencil and then the student dips a finger into green paint and dabs around the circle.  When the green paint dries, the student can then dab a few red dots around the circle.  I hot glue a bow on and then the bag is ready for a gift!

    These are the cards I just finished making for Reindeer Noses gift bags for my co-workers.  You simply just put some Whoppers Candy and a red gum ball (for Rudolph's nose) in a baggie and then place some type of tag labeled "Reindeer Noses" attached to it.

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