Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Letters to the Gingerbread Man

It is my favorite time of year!  I love to begin December with a unit on the Gingerbread Man.  One of my favorite activities is to have the students write a letter to the Gingerbread Man persuading him to stay away from the fox.  The students always come up with creative reasons and ways to help the Gingerbread Man.  To create the gingerbread craft, the students simply trace a large circle from a pattern onto brown construction paper.  Next, I have the students trace a large rectangle pattern and then round the edges for  the arms.  Students use buttons, puffy paint, construction paint circles and a bow to give the gingerbread craft some character.  This is an easy activity and the students really seem to enjoy it!


  1. How cute!! I love this idea! Thanks for sharing : )

  2. Very Cute! Love the simplicity of the pattern. Thank you for sharing.

    First Grade Delight