Thursday, March 31, 2011

Browsing Bags

      Every student in our classroom has a Browsing Bag.  The Browsing Bag has books that are on each student's guided reading level.  These are books that have already been worked on in our guided reading groups and have been taken home to read with family.
       The Browsing Bags also have a Red Word ring which are high frequency words that the student needs to know how to spell by the end of first grade.  One or two Red Words are added weekly to the ring.  The yellow Browsing Bag word ring is a ring of sight words that the student needs to be able to read quickly by the end of first grade.  Five words are added each week to this ring.
   The students use these Browsing Bags every day during our Daily Five literacy block.  The students use these bags during the Read to Self portion of Daily Five.  Often our Word Work activities will focus on our Red Words too.  I love these bags because it helps keep us organized and I know that every student has materials that are appropriate for their reading level. 

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  1. I really love this idea! I want to implement the daily 5 but did not want to purchase magazine boxes for them to store their books. I love the simplicity of using these bags. YES! I will be purchasing them soon to be ready. Thanks for the idea! =)