Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Treats

First of all, let me mention to all of you how much I love Pinterest!  It is the most awesome site ever.  I cannot take credit for this idea....but I did try to make it match my classroom Monkey theme.  The pieces finally fell into place and I am thrilled with these cute little birthday treats! 
While shopping  at Sam's Club the other day I found these Giant Pixy Stix.  I was thrilled because I knew I had seen an idea where I could use these so I quickly scanned my brain to remember what I needed to do with them and could not remember.  So I bought them anyway and then came home and checked my Pinterest boards.  Yep, there it was the Birthday Balloon treats!

So I headed out to the hardware store and can you believe it.  They had bright green fluorescent spray paint! The cashier looked at me in a very puzzled way as I bought this stuff but hey I had a plan!

Found some cute ribbon and even cuter monkey at Hobby Lobby and then I quickly scoured my house for a container to spray paint.  Yes, I know I could have found one at Hobby Lobby but buy this time my wallet was pretty much empty!  So I went to work and sprayed my container, hot glued the ribbon and monkey on so it would match the Monkey theme!

Next I made a balloon template, printed it on pretty card stock colors, and taped it to the candy sticks.  Now my birthday treats are done and ready for the school year!  


  1. You have some awesome ideas on your blog. I'm your newest follower and I nominated you for an award. Hop over to my blog to get it.


  2. What a cute idea! I love what you did to the balloon container!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. great idea. i like what you did to the container. !!