Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Calendar Math

I still love starting the day with our Calendar time.  Even though today was Valentine's Day and the students were so excited we still were able to work on many math skills.

We add a straw for each day we are in school and turn an index card.  The index cards match the straws so we know exactly how many ones, tens, and hundreds there are.  I still cannot believe we have been in school 113 days.  Wow.
The number of the day was 14 (because today was the 14th of February).  The students are asked to show how many ways they can show 14 with coins.  

Our Daily news focuses on the days of the week and the vocabulary words yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

We also write our secret code date by putting the first number as the month, the second as the day, and the third as the year.  So today's code was 2-14-2012.  So even though today was a special day, we still were able to practice many, many skills in about ten minutes!

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