Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Character Words

We each have a Vocabulary Journal to keep our words organized
Once a week our class focuses on a vocabulary word.  This year we have been working on character words.  The word is introduced on day 1 during our morning meeting.  We come up with a definition for the word and then one student will draw an illustration to show visually what the word means.  On day 2 we will review the word and then illustrate and write about the word in our vocabulary journals.  We try to use the word all week and by the end of the week we are very familiar with it.  The words are posted around the classroom for several weeks and then placed in a scrapbook so that we can always find our words when we need to refer to them. 

These are some examples of our character words

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  1. Great idea! I was looking for something like this to help my first graders understand better! We do monthly assemblies and teach a different word each month. I was finding that my kids weren't getting it! Doing this will help ALOT!! Thanks!