Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Penguins, Penguins, Everywhere!!!!

These were the covers of our Penguin Reports.   The students created  a penguin by drawing and cutting simple shapes such as ovals and circles.  I used several pages from Deanna Jump's Penguin unit for the report.  It is an awesome resource!

Our Penguin Vocabulary.  I love having the students  draw a visual to match our vocabulary words.  

Our Penguin diagram.  The students completed a page in their Penguin Reports which included a diagram.  We discussed how diagrams are often found in nonfiction books to show information.  

The pocket chart shows words we used in our writing.  We had a great time placing these words in ABC order too.

I LOVE this organizational strategy to organize our thoughts.    It helps us stay focused in our writing.

Our class library contains both nonfiction and fiction books.  The students just love the fictional stories about Tacky!
This week, we are each creating a Penguin character and writing fictional stories about our own penguin characters.  The stories are turning out really well.  Tacky has been such an inspiration!


  1. I love your Tree Map organization too! It really does help organize your thoughts for writing.

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  2. I just adore penguins and learning about them. This week I posted 101+ activities and crafts to do with a penguin theme and included a link back to this post. It was sooo fantastic. I hope our readers stop by and visit your site! Thank you for inspiring others to write, learn, and connect with their children.